Used Cars: Worth the Risk? Check The Transmission.

There’s a huge appeal to buying a used car from a private party seller. Bypass the dealership, the hidden fees, the markups, the hassle, and save yourself some money in the process. But what’s the risk? Have you found a deal or a dud?

At Fleet Care, Inc in West Chester, transmissions are our game – so we’re going to stick to that aspect of used-car-buying here. After all, while many other issues with a car can be easily taken care of, buying a car with a bad transmission can potentially double or triple your investment in the vehicle.

Transmissions are complicated and expensive to replace. That’s why people often opt for selling or getting rid of a car with a failing transmission, rather than bothering to have it fixed. When buying used, it’s essential that you purchase a car with a strong transmission, so you know you aren’t just buying someone else’s problems.

There are a few things to look for when test driving a car and making sure the transmission is in good working order. For starters, if it slips, grinds hesitate when you shift into gear or displays any other issues, you might be better off passing it up. If it’s a good deal and you really like the car, you can have one of our technicians inspect it before you make the purchase – just be wary of buying before you get an expert opinion.

Check the transmission fluid next. If there’s any buildup from water condensation, the fluid is excessively dirty, or the fluid smells burnt, again you should strongly consider moving on to the next prospect, or get an expert opinion.

Finally, try to arrange a test drive when the car hasn’t been started or driven in several hours, perhaps in the morning after it’s sat overnight. Many transmissions in the early throws of failure only slip when they’re cold, and after the vehicle warms up they don’t do it again the rest of the day. Be cautious if the vehicle has been warmed up for you before you arrive.

Utilize these tips to protect yourself from purchasing a vehicle with imminent issues. If you still aren’t confident in the vehicle you’re looking at, our technicians are happy to help with a multi-point inspection. Used cars, trucks, and SUVs really are a great way to buy, so long as you go prepared and exercise good judgment.

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